Bren Gomez is a writer, beauty expert, and Dodgers fan. Born and raised in L.A., where she still lives today, she grew up on a steady diet of horchata, Rave hairspray, smog (probably), and AVON lip balms she ordered from her Grandma’s catalog.

She started her first beauty blog in 2009, a move that launched her career in and love for beauty writing. Before pursuing writing full-time, she worked in the beauty industry for nearly 15 years as a makeup artist, trainer, and publicist. In addition to beauty, Bren writes about lifestyle, wellness, and culture, with a focus on content that empowers and celebrates Latina identity. Her work has appeared on NYLON, Refinery29, HelloGiggles, FIERCE by mitú, and LAist.

Bren is also the co-host of First Base, a podcast about the best and only baseball team that matters, the Los Angeles Dodgers. When she’s not talking about makeup or shouting, “Bleed Blue!,” Bren is volunteering with various dog rescues, fostering dogs, petting her friend’s dogs, or putting way too much effort into trying to make her own dog Instafamous (hint hint: follow him at @ferdifluff!)