Bren Gomez is a writer, beauty expert, makeup artist, and storyteller. A third-generation native Angeleno, she still lives in Los Angeles today with her cute AF dog Ferdinand, and a few rotating foster dogs. She loves lipstick, hates hiking, doesn’t drink coffee, and will never consider Silverlake “the eastside.”

With over 15 years of experience working in the beauty industry, she has run some version of a beauty blog since 2009. In addition to beauty, she writes about culture, lifestyle, wellness, and Latinx identity. Her work has been published in NYLON, Refinery29, HelloGiggles, FIERCE by mitú, and LAist. She is also the founder and co-host of Second Base, a seasonal podcast about the best and only baseball team that matters, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When she’s not tweeting skincare advice, recording her podcasts, or talking about her hair, Bren can be found volunteering with local animal rescues, hanging out at the beach, or catcalling players at Dodger Stadium. She can definitely never be found hiking and has never once been to Runyon Canyon, so def don’t ever look for her there.