A Day in the Life at SportsNetLA

July 13, 2019

You ever get an email that just makes your day? Well, it started with a DM that turned into an email, extending an invite to SportsNetLA’s Dodgers Blogger Day, and bam! Day. Made. I mean, hello, best Dodgers-related DM ever… until Cody Bellinger DMs me, of course, but we’re not there yet.

Anyway, the good folks at SportsNetLA got wind of my Dodgers podcast, Second Base, and correctly deduced Diamond & I needed to be at their Dodgers Blogger Day. The network holds one every season for key Dodgers media to experience what it’s like to produce a live Dodgers game, meet and interview on-air talent, take a studio tour, and watch a Dodgers game. This was the 4th year it’s been held, and the first time they’ve held it during a day game. It was an incredible opportunity for us, especially being so new in the market. Diamond and I were actually the only 2 newbies in the mix; everyone else already knew each other.

It was a small crew, but I was very happy to see Diamond & I weren’t the only women present. I was, however, the only girl not wearing blue. You know ya girl had to show up in fuchsia platforms and a tropical print jumpsuit, because I was out there tryna force summer weather to come through. And to be totally honest, I don’t actually own any Dodgers gear or I would have worn it for sure. Yes, this seems like an obvious oversight in my wardrobe, but Dodgers merch ain’t cheap, ya know? It’s like, do I buy a shirt or do I buy myself a ticket to a game instead? You know which one wins there, every single time.

Back to Dodgers Blogger Day: if you’re not familiar with, SportsNetLA is the exclusive television home of the Dodgers, available only through Spectrum. It’s basically the only way you can watch Dodgers games from the comfort of your own home (and more importantly, watch Backstage Dodgers, which is like “Behind the Music” for the Dodgers but with less drugs and more fun). Visiting the studio was especially amazing because not so deep down, I am a huge broadcasting nerd. I always wanted to get into that field, perhaps as a news anchor, but life took me elsewhere so being in a TV studio was a really special experience for me.

While at SNLA, I watched a live recording of Access SportsNet Dodgers (the pre-game show), hung out with and interviewed on-air talent, and took a studio tour. And no, I didn’t steal any bobbleheads during that tour (I didn’t see a Joe Kelly one, or I might have actually been tempted). The tour did not include a visit to the hair and makeup room, but I did sneak like 17 glances of it. Hey, that’s my mecca, and I always like to know what products are being used. Unforch, I wasn’t there for beauty, at least not this time around. Next time, maybe.

The most interesting part of the day was a Q&A sesh with the VP of Marketing at Spectrum, who is kinda dreamy and goes by the name Jared. Honestly, I could’ve skipped the rest of the day and talked to him for 34 hours straight about baseball, Dodgers programming, and cable access. I didn’t get to though because, humble brag, had to go watch the Dodgers game with the Silver Fox himself, Chase Utley.

If you’re not familiar with Chase Utley, here are the basics: He is a World Series winner and has a storied career in baseball, spending most of his career with the Phillies. He played his last season in 2018 with the Dodgers, and announced his retirement in early 2019. He’s now moonlighting as an analyst for SportsNetLA. Casually watching a Dodgers game with a former player is kind of a big deal, know what I mean? It’s def a thing I didn’t even know was on my bucket list until it was happening, and then I was like, Damn, let me cross this off my bucket list. Done and done!

Diamond and I did also get the opportunity to interview Chase, along with former Dodgers player and World Series winner Jerry Hairston Jr and SNLA anchor John Hartung. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to ask any of them about their hair or skincare routines, but I did show Chase this epic gif of himself, which he had never seen before:

To listen to the interview, which I highly recommend because everything from tacos to Wayne’s World is mentioned, click here for links to the show on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. The interview is in Episode 9, and we cover more deets about our day in Episode 10.

Thank you so much to Spectrum, SportsNetLA, and Stacey Mitch for the invitation and especially for the support! Second Base was barely a fully formed idea 4 months ago, and to see it thriving and garnering opportunities like this so quickly, especially having a limited background in sports, has been an actual dream come true. I can’t wait for the next Dodgers Blogger Day!


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