Let’s Get to 2nd Base

July 2, 2019

Earlier this year, I partnered up with my friend and fellow baseball fan, Diamond, to start a podcast about the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s called Second Base, and it’s really just an excuse for me to talk about Cody Bellinger’s beard like, all the time. Just kidding! But not really, because I do talk about it all the time.

I love the Dodgers, and I couldn’t really find any sort of media outlet that covered the things I’m actually interested in about the team and baseball in general. MLB’s sassy little brother burner account, Cut4, comes close, but they don’t focus on just the Dodgers (honestly, so rude). Most sports podcasts and traditional media sources cover borings things like stats, which is short for statistics, which is just another way of saying math. And you know what? I HATE MATH. I never, ever, ever want to talk about math or listen to people talking about math.

Since I couldn’t find an outlet covering what I was looking for (or one that wasn’t insanely misogynistic), I decided to start my own. I knew I needed a partner and co-host that loved the Dodgers just as much as I do, so naturally I thought of Diamond, who I actually met at a Dodgers batting practice press event back in 2012. Before you ask: yes, I was invited because of OMG, Bren!, and yes, I was the only beauty blogger there. HUMBLE BRAG.

That said, taking on sports, even in the cheeky, sassy irreverent way you can expect just knowing my aesthetic, has been quite the undertaking. It’s fun, it’s hard, it’s overwhelming, it’s so different from beauty or anything else I’m familiar with and I’m learning so, so much and meeting so many cool people. It’s also definitely changed how I watch and experience baseball, which is cool to notice happening in real-time.

More than that, the podcast is actually catching on and building a solid fan base, which is a surprise. Well, I’m not surprised people love it; I’m surprised people already know about it, since we’re so new. And to be quite frank, I was not expecting such a positive reaction in a field (no pun intended) filled with angry old white men. Luckily, they aren’t our target audience, and we’ve had nothing but awesome feedback.

I’m also stoked to announce that Los Angeles Magazine recently did a write-up on us, and I would love if you could take the time to read it. Diamond and I give a little more insight into why we started, what we cover, and why we love the Dodgers. Thank you x1000 to Brittany Martin & LA Mag for the press!

You can listen and subscribe to Second Base on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher, and you can also rate and review us on the latter two. For more deets on episodes, visit secondbasepod.com or follow us on Twitter.


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