The Weekly Haps 11/05/13: No Shave November, Night Terrors of 1927 November Residency at the Echo, & YXTA’s All-Night Happy Hour on Mondays

I have the worst headache in the world right now. I blame the 2 margaritas and the 3 mezcal cocktails I had at YXTA last night… and the Ketel rocks and 2 Stellas I had at the Echo as well… and going to bed at 2:30am with a 6am wakeup call. I woke up holding a piece of bread, guys. Rough night. As my mother threw me off her couch this morning, she cheerfully pointed out, “Who gets home at 2:30 in the morning on a Monday at your age? Buscandoing en la calles!”

She’s right. By the way, I totally love it when my mother speaks broken Spanish to me, because I have no idea what she’s saying. I don’t love it when she yells at me that early when I’m that hungover. It’s my fault for crashing at the parentals’ house last night, but whatever.

The door of the women’s bathroom at YXTA, because why not?

So we’re officially in No Shave November, but let’s be clear: No Shave November is for boys and boys only, and not for Bren. I got a pedicure a few days ago (a sparkly red shade, because Fall) and realized I hadn’t shaved my legs in a week (I’ve been moving, dammit). I felt a little bad for everyone that had to look at my legs at the nail salon but none of them were Adam Levine so I’m in the clear. Anyway, I handled that shit real quick on Monday morning with a disposable Schick Xtreme Razor and Skintimate Shaving Gel. I really need to get laser hair removal because when you live the #nopantslife like I do, shaving every day is a legit pain in the ass.

Anyway, now that my legs are nice and smooth and I can go out in public again, I hit up YXTA last night for hora feliz with one of my friends, because apparently, I’m drinking again. Oops. I’m hesitant to talk about YXTA (eek-sta) so publicly because it’s one of my favorite hidden gems in LA, and I don’t want bitches crowding it up, but I love it so much I can’t not talk about it.

First of all, YXTA has its own (free) parking lot – that automatically makes it better than 90% of all restaurants in DTLA. Secondly, they have all-night happy hour on Mondays (4-7p Tues-Fri, 5-7p on Saturday; closed Sundays). We all know happy hour is my happy place. I love a good margarita, and I especially love it when that margarita costs $5 but doesn’t taste like it costs $5. Thirdly: their potato tacos (which are only available on the happy hour menu) are the best I’ve ever had, and I am a taco EXPERT – and no, not just because I’m Mexican. I also dig that it’s never, ever crowded – probs ’cause it’s off the beaten path in DTLA (6th & Central, just a few streets over from Little Tokyo). Check it out, thank me by inviting me to happy hour and fronting the bill. I’m not a cheap date, but that’s okay because it’s happy hour!

After closing down YXTA, I remembered that Night Terrors of 1927 have a Monday residency at the Echo this month, so we headed there. My friend made me watch the opening bands and – ugh – that is my least favorite thing to do, but whatever. I guess they were good but I have no idea who they were.

Jarrod Gorbel – he’s not blurry because I was drunk, he’s blurry because the lens on my iPhone is cracked. Swear.

So Night Terrors of 1927 is Jarrod Gorbel’s (the Honorary Title) new musical project with Blake Sennett (Rilo Kiley) and I’ll check out any band JG is in as I’m pretty much in love with his singing voice. His talking voice is okay too, I guess, I did hear it a bit as he looked at me last night and said, “hey… Breee? Breanna? It’s something with a B, right?” Totally. But back to the band: I know their band name is ridiculous but I really dig the music. This is my favorite project that JG’s undertaken yet. Their EP comes out November 11th but you can stream it here now. I’ll definitely buy it, and that’s crazy, because I never buy music. The last album I bought was Ke$ha’s “Warrior” last December. I know, I know, I should buy more music, but I spend all my money at happy hour, okay?!

I’ve got plans to see at least two more of NTO1927′s shows this month, so maybe Jarrod will get my name right eventually. Hopefully I’ll see some of you cuties there too. First things first though: if you’re anywhere near the Val right now, can you bring me a Mexican coke and some aspirin? Hangovers do not rule.

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  1. AJ

    I laughed so much reading this.

    Also, I would like to go to YXTA.
    AJ recently posted..Eff You, Mercury in RetrogradeMy Profile

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