Summertime Sadness: It’s Nothing a Little Lipstick Can’t Fix

“If you were sad, what would you buy at Sephora?”

My knee-jerk answer to this is obvious: hello, EVERYTHING, duh! It’s no secret that shopping can be therapeutic, and what’s more therapeutic than buying beauty products that promise to make you look like you HAVEN’T been crying for days?

I’m having the worst effing summer.

The kind of summer that has been knocked me out, dragged me down, and taken everything with it – including my shoes.

When my friend Lola asked me the above question, it inspired me to start blogging again. Thank her for that.

Put a twinkle in your eye with rhinestones, not tears. Faux Lash Tiny Stars Lashes, $12

Traditionally, the month of July has always been awful for me, but that bad fortune has bled into August this year as well. From an actual nervous breakdown to a car accident to the return of panic attacks after 4 years without, to being forced to wear pants and accidentally buying the same pair of shoes twice, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my damn mind.

I had a family situation that took the very best of my talents and strengths and drained them. I had to put my life on hold for it. Those in the know tell me I made a generous sacrifice and will acquire great karma for it; it still made me bitter and resentful and sent me spiraling into that deep dark hole of… depression.

The situation is righting itself, but taking my life off hold has been surprisingly… difficult. I’ve been making steps in the right direction, but I keep falling. At least I’m trying, right? This blog post is one of those steps.

These have the most luxurious lather and make your shower smell… happy and bright. Like a freakin’ Jamba Juice. Tone Body Wash, Various Scents, $4, Target/Walgreens/Etc

From a beauty perspective, I can’t even tell you the last time I wore heels or lashes – and yes, that’s a big deal for me. I can’t even be bothered to doll myself up most days. That was the scariest feeling for me – not caring about my beauty routine (my skin is so pissed off at me right now). In my life experiences, there has been no situation that a beauty product can’t fix.

I abandoned my blog, watching beauty product samples pile up and forgetting to write down the great pitches/story angles that come to me even in my most freakish of tantrums/mood-swings.

I’m not saying everything’s been bad. I have one of the best haircuts/colors of my life and reconciled with one of my dearest friends after a year of silence; I was commissioned to write a piece for one of my favorite publications, and I made out with one of my crushes (no, not Jon Hennessey, I WISH). Obviously, some things have been going quite well. However, my mental capacity for dealing with such extreme highs and lows is strained.

When you lock yourself in your room for days, make sure it smells delectable and sexy. NEST Fragrances’ After Midnight Collection, $34/candle

The easiest, perhaps cheapest, fix I know is a new lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow… sigh. So many products, so little time. The truth is, beauty products don’t cause hangovers or give you unsolicited advice or tell you to “get over it,” they basically just say, DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD, or… in rare cases, like when I accidentally buy a brown lipstick, “THIS LOOKS AWFUL ON YOU.”

I don’t often shop for beauty products, being lucky enough to receive plenty for samples. There’s nothing I need. But therein lies the joy in therapy shopping: you’re not supposed to buy things you need. You’re supposed to buy the ridiculous stuff you wouldn’t normally buy, like pink foil lashes (okay, I would normally buy these) and a blush that you know is exactly the same color as the 5 you have at home but omg look at the packaging!

I know I’m not alone in this. It’s been written about plenty; in fact, my friend Hannah wrote this post for xoJane about her depression-era favorites last year. Her picks make me think I need to branch out.

It’s illegal to be sad while sporting neon bubblegum pink lips. Available at Sephora, $18

The products I’ve scattered throughout this post aren’t the ones I’d use to MAKE myself look like I’m not sad… That’s a post for later, maybe. These are products that just make me happy looking at them/smelling them/using them.

Tell me, what are your sad girl beauty buys? We’ll bond over them, maybe, but I’m kinda tired of being an emo kid so make sure they’re awesome.

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5 Responses to Summertime Sadness: It’s Nothing a Little Lipstick Can’t Fix

  1. You have me convinced that I need those star lashes! I’m sorry that it’s been so rough for you :(
    Phyrra recently posted..Makeup Wars Favorite Hair ToolsMy Profile

  2. Jo

    I discovered your blog a few months ago and was sad to see a lack of new posts. Hope everything starts to look up for you soon. I know everyone says that kind of thing and that often it isn’t that reassuring but welcome back to blogging :)
    However, those star lashes are soooo cute. And a recent trip to Paris made me wish Sephora would come back to the UK!

  3. I love the lashes but hate when the design, or in this case, the stars can’t be seen very well unless your eyes are closed!! Oh the delimmas we face!
    cybele recently posted..Why Hide Pink Rosa Under Your Arms?My Profile

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