Giveaway: Win A Lingerie Set from AdoreMe (then Show It Off to All of Your Crushes!) – CLOSED

Ohmygod – it’s February! Valentine’s Day is nigh! I’ve been searching high and low (mostly high) for those naughty conversation hearts so I can give them away to my crushes. GR8 PKG, U R SEXY, HOT 4 U… Obviously, I like to keep it subtle. Maybe one will even get lucky and get to see me in my lingerie, meow…

Speaking of lingerie! Remember when I waxed ecstatic about AdoreMe? Well, now it’s time for me to give the gift that keeps on giving, and no, I’m not talking about glitter-covered anything.

I’ve teamed up with AdoreMe to bring you cuties a GIVEAWAY. That’s right, I am going to GIVE you a set of LINGERIE so you can get sexy with it. If you aren’t familiar with AdoreMe, here’s the 411: They carry bras from size “Eh, I don’t have to wear a bra because what is the point so let me wear this supercute camisole with a built-in bra that works just fine!” to size “HAHAHAHA A BUILT-IN BRA THESE KIDS MUST BE HIGH!”

I really like AdoreMe because of it’s easy access (and the easy access it provides, WHAT UP), and the brand’s general cuteness. Yes, there are plenty of higher end bras but sometimes, man, I just don’t want to pay $100 for a bra that my boobs are going to destroy in like a year. Plus, if I get anything on them, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, I’m not going to be like, “OMG THIS IS HAND-STICHED LACE MADE FROM A LAST-OF-ITS-KIND TRIBE IN THE ANDAZ MOUNTAINS YOU JERK!”

THAT scenario right there is why it’s good to mix in a little fast fashion with my designer threads, and AdoreMe is a very easy, very affordable and still fashionable way to do that.

So, you can win ANY SET of bra and panty that YOU want – pictured above are just my current faves. If you need some more inspiration, I’m damn near in love with the Nalani, because nothing says “get up on this” like leopard print (and if something does, can you please let me know? I need to wear it around a few choice hotties).

Do all this fun Rafflecopter stuff and I’ll contact the winner – privately – when the time comes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER: Giveaway provided by AdoreMe, get busy with them socially to show them how much you appreciate it. Giveaway cannot be combined/transferred/etc. OMG, Bren! is not responsible for any trauma brought to your life by this giveaway.

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2 Responses to Giveaway: Win A Lingerie Set from AdoreMe (then Show It Off to All of Your Crushes!) – CLOSED

  1. Girl, you KNOW I trust you on anything boob-related, so I definitely have to enter. But oh crap. BRA PICTURES? Can I refer you to the major thread on my fb page from a week or two ago when I was complaining about bra shopping and a huge discussion ensued? Because my bras are boring. HA.
    Lindsay recently posted..On Exercise and Fear of the UnknownMy Profile

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