My 2014 Beauty Resolution: Blue Hair, Please Stare!

For the past 5 years, my new years’ resolutions have all been the same: wear more glitter. If you do the math, this was obviously before Ke$ha became the glittery boss bitch she is today (“Tik Tok” would debut 6 months later). This year, I decided to change it up, and yes, it involves my hair.

Truer words have never been said

The first year I made my glitter resolution was 2009; I was sick, unemployed, unhappy, bored with my life and in the midst of the most miserable relationship I’ve ever been in. The idea of wearing more glitter seemed like a type of salvation. The resolution was literal as well as figurative: I wanted to find myself in situations worth wearing glitter for, like an all-night dance party marathon; looking back, I can see I just desperately wanted and needed to add some sparkle to my dull life.

It makes sense then that the first incarnation of this blog was launched in February 2009 (then known as “Hello, Pretty!,” eventually changed to “So Much Pretty” and now as you see it today, “OMG, Bren!”). Today, my love for glitter is known far and wide: known by most, hated by a few, and accepted by all, so I knew it was time to come up with something different, even challenging. I’m sure some people would like me to wear LESS glitter at this point, ha.

My dear friend Arali made the mistake of opening a letter from me in bed.

So I wondered: What should my resolution for 2014 be? I’ve polled all of my friends, and as far as I can see, 2013 has been kind of a bullshit year for everyone. There were silver linings, as there always are to bullshit situations, but it mostly seems like it was a transitional year. I myself experienced a ton of change, but not the type of change that resulted in growth, which basically means… It was a stagnant year. How boring is that? More importantly: how can I change it?

Nothing says “ready for the new year!” like a 2014 Lisa Frank calendar

As I said, my year had silver linings: I expanded my freelance writing career, welcomed a new niece into my life, traveled to a new place (New York, I might love you), paid off some bills, and completed a few more classes toward my degree. Those are all good things, and I’m grateful and happy for the experiences. But… I’m still bored. Then I saw this picture and I just knew:

Makeup artist Priscilla Ono, photo via Instagram

I need my hair to be completely blue.

As you might know, I have some blue in my hair right now courtesy of Tina Dizon & her awesome team at The Private Room . It’s a gorgeous shade, but they’re really just streaks. I’ve considered coloring all of my hair a “fantasy” color before, Katy Perry Purple or fire engine red, but I’ve been a little scared/hesitant to do it. It’s tough to upkeep, tough to take non-virgin hair to the level of blonde needed to get it, and tough to pull off. But I’m so rarely jealous of someone else’s hair that as soon as I felt that weird stab of envy looking at Priscilla’s hair above, I knew this hair had to be mine.

I fully expect this hair color to take me great places. If you don’t think a new hair cut/color can change your life, may I present to you Rihanna circa 2005 as an example:

Oh you forgot about Pon De Replay & that basic bitch hair, did you? Her career took off the minute she cut off all her hair (or took out her weave, whatever) and dyed it jet black.

So my 2014 beauty resolution is to try an all-over new hair color, specifically: blue. In early February, I’ll start the long process of taking my hair from black to blonde, in order I can dye my hair a glorious shade of cerulean blue… I expect this color to look great with black glitter. As as we know, with new hair comes new possibilities, therefore making 2014 the year of BREN. Change your hair, change your life, hand to heart, hair to God.

Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to My 2014 Beauty Resolution: Blue Hair, Please Stare!

  1. AJ

    So amazing. I saw this pic, too and immediately wanted to put chunks of it in my hair, too!
    AJ recently posted..What’s Up Friday Bonus Edition – Things I Learned in 2013My Profile

  2. I totally agree with your beauty resolution! I love fantasy hair but am too lazy to deal w/roots soooooo colorful tips it is… And please come back to NYC, it was great meeting you!
    adri recently posted..Mani Mondays: Flip Flop Fantasies Indeed!My Profile

  3. Awesome!!! Looks amazing on you. I wish I could pull that off. Just not brave enough to do that to my virgin hair yet.
    IsaBella recently posted..
    What’s The Best Leave In Conditioner For Your Virgin HairMy Profile

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